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Have you ever struggled with emotions that you knew were hurting you or making you feel badly? You know, the kind of emotions that have you tied up in knots and losing sleep. Emotions like anger, judgmentalism, guilt and jealousy. Maybe you’ve even tried really hard to change those kinds of feelings or the actions that seem to flow from them, and found yourself even more frustrated.

If you have (and who hasn’t?), Overcoming Jealousy will be like a drink of cool water for you: refreshing, invigorating, and empowering.

The average person carries around countless unhealthy emotions on a daily basis. At times, it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you’re powerless to get out from under all of the negative emotions roiling inside.

Overcoming Jealousy uses simple, easy to follow steps which can help you overcome jealousy and other harmful emotions. Even if you’ve tried and failed before, the principles discussed can help to minimize (and even eliminate) those kinds of destructive feelings by helping you to get to their root cause – the deep seated beliefs and paradigms which are causing them in the first place – and by helping us to replace our paradigms with God’s paradigm.

With a powerful and interesting mix of sound psychological concepts and life-transforming Biblical truth, Overcoming Jealousy paints a picture of how life can be without these kinds of harmful thoughts and feelings. Best of all, the entire teaching is presented in a way that the average person will have no trouble grasping.

You will learn how to use the same negative feelings which have been plaguing you to take your spiritual temperature, recognizing problem areas in your thought life and emotional being, and how to recognize how God uses the difficult times (and even the problematic emotions, like jealousy) to bring you from harmful thinking patterns to breakthroughs.

Be prepared to have much of your thinking (even ideas you may have assumed were true for many years) challenged and turned upside down as you learn to exchange your flawed perceptions and beliefs for the clear, flawless truth as God sees it. As you begin to increasingly view the events and people in your life from God’s viewpoint, and to adopt His way of thinking about things, the negative feelings (and even actions) in your life begin to change naturally, organically, without the need to struggle and fight with the feelings themselves.

Imagine a life in which you are free to let go of negative emotions because you no longer need them. By showing you how and why you are already good enough as you are (no more, no less), Overcoming Jealousy does more than help you put a mask on the green eyed monster. It helps you pull the weed of jealousy out, roots and all, by teaching you how to deal with the real problem: the beliefs which cause negative thoughts and feelings.

While the teaching focuses primarily on jealousy and how to overcome it, it can be readily applied to any kind of harmful or negative emotions you may be dealing with. Learn how to move from anger, rage, guilt, jealousy and the other emotions which keep you down to the contentment and peace that comes from the Spirit of God.

Real joy will come when you begin to realize that, in God’s eyes, you are already OK as you are. No more, no less.

If you’re trying to change yourself from the outside in (and failing): stop. Take the time to listen to Overcoming Jealousy in its entirety. Apply the principles, and start walking in a new freedom that can only come from beginning to view yourself, your struggles and problems, and the world around you through the eyes of God.