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Money Worries

Too often we waste our time trying to change our actions or (worse still) the actions of others. Our intentions may be good, but trying to manipulate others, or even ourselves, into acting differently is wasted effort unless we first address the beliefs which lead us to think, feel, and act the way we do. Whether you’re struggling with money worries, anxiety, or other hurtful thoughts, feelings, or actions, the principles taught in Lives Transforming’s Money Worries will help you to change your life by identifying your distorted beliefs and helping you to exchange them for God’s truth.

Traditional psychology can be helpful when it comes to identifying the emotions and thoughts behind our actions, but Lives Transforming takes the process one step further to get at the true root of the problems which torment us- beliefs that are at odds with God’s truth. Using a potent blend of cognitive therapy and the solid truth of God’s Word, you are encouraged to take a hard and honest look at the root of your money worries and other anxieties and to bring them into the light, where they can be exposed for the lies that they are.

After all, Jesus is not the Prince of Anxiety. He is the Prince of Peace. When we experience anxiety, it is the result, on one level or another, of buying into lies and distortions that the enemy of our souls is feeding us. Unfortunately, these lies often lie buried beneath thoughts and emotions which seem very logical on the surface.

Anxiety and money worries are generally the result of believing that we can predict the future. We look at the situation we are facing and come to the conclusion that we won’t be able to pay our bills or take care of the other things we need money for. Again, on the surface, this seems logical enough.

The truth is, however, that we don’t know what will happen in the future and worrying won’t make any situation better. Only God knows what will happen in the future.

In Money Worries, Derek and the Lives Transforming panel uncover the real root of the thinking errors which drive us to have money worries and anxiety. We convince ourselves that if we can’t pay our bills, something must be wrong with us. The problem with this thinking is that our value doesn’t come from our ability to pay our bills. Our value comes from having Christ in us. That’s where we find true fulfillment.

Using therapeutic techniques such as playing the devil’s advocate and the downward arrow technique, we are shown how to follow the thoughts and feelings which are causing us money worries and anxiety to their illogical roots. When we see how off base the root beliefs are, we are free to exchange them for truth, which in turn frees us to think, feel and behave in healthy ways.

When we learn how to identify what is driving us (our beliefs), we are on the road to being able to help ourselves and others to allow our lives to be transformed by trading lies for truth and bondage for real freedom. We do this by tracing the distortions we’ve been living with and extrapolating them to their obvious (and often silly) conclusions and choosing to move away from the distortions and closer to God’s truth.

Throughout the Money Worries webinar, we are taught how faith works through love to produce the kinds of actions which are based on true, unselfish love. Through faith, we become free to not only to look at ourselves in light of how God values us, but also to treat others the way God would have us to treat them.