Lonely Forever!

Single…Divorced…Widowed…or maybe even married, but – Lonely? A scary proposition for sure. But wait, there is another way. Paradoxically, a way to destroy loneliness or, more likely, the fear of loneliness and open up a whole new way of looking at the underlying causes of being scared of being alone. It’s time for you to be free of fear and move into – instead of away from – healthy relationships.

Overcoming Sin – How?

A feeling of inadequacy is natural when you are exasperated by the thought that overcoming your sin is impossible. However, have you ever thought that maybe you are right…YOU can’t overcome your sin? That’s exactly what this video training addresses. It will bring you relief, comfort and ultimately…Freedom!

The “I Want Lie” – I Want My Wife Back

Thoughts create Emotions and Emotions create our Actions. So what do you do when someone is facing an emotion of despair during a potential divorce but their thought seems true…like “I want to keep my marriage vows.” How can “I want to keep my marriage vows” possibly be an unhealthy thought? This video will uncover the hidden danger in such an apparently healthy thought.

Should Statements – My Wife Should Have Sex with Me

He SHOULD be more intimate. She SHOULD be more physical. My children SHOULD be better students. My toddler SHOULD stop whining. These should statements create frustration and anger that seems to eat away if we let them. This week we are going to attack these nasty should statements and decrease our frustration by learning how to stop “shoulding” on people.