Money Worries

Money worries causing you to feel anxious and depressed? This video training shows a biblical perspective on money and the worries that accompany them. Watch this video training to find out the truth that will set you free from your money worries while teaching you how to work with others when they are facing money their own worries.

Setting Boundaries

What does setting boundaries mean and how do you do it? This video training answers both these questions in a way that could transform the way you think about boundaries and relationships forever.

Blaming Others

When is blaming others the right thing to do? When is blaming yourself actually healthy? Confusion reigns in this rubix cube of the mind. Your husband has an affair. Your child brings home an “F”. You feel anger toward your daughter or betrayed by your spouse. Who is to blame? Is anyone to blame for anything? It’s a deceptively slippery slope that this week’s Lives Transforming webinar tackles.

Bad Grades in School

My child just brought home his first “F” – now what? What are people going to think? What kind of a parent am I? These thoughts seem to attack us out of nowhere. What is true? We attack this issue head on in this webinar and focus on what is true – and exactly how our view of God’s Truth to this circumstance propels us to respond in a healthy way.

Overcoming Jealousy

I want what they have – or – I want to be more like them. Wanting what we don’t have and wanting to be who we are not has been a struggle for humanity since, well…the Garden. This week we cut the legs out from underneath this very common emotion that seems to pervade almost every part of western culture.

Bonhoeffer Quotes

This week we look at one of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer quotes that is a Truth that has the ability to crush a myriad of lies that we believe. Whether it’s anger, hate, lust, regret or even a feeling of being utterly overwhelmed Bonhoeffer provides an insight into God’s Truth that is life transforming. This is a “can’t miss” webinar.